Fiber Art

I've not always been a fan of fiber art. My early run-ins with 'crafty art' included raffia owls with giant, wooden-bead eyes (child of the 70's), neon felted hats/gloves (sunday village fairs) and crocheted cardigans in pastel colors (thanks nan). So as a rule, I've always steered well clear of anything too hand-made looking.
However. The last few years have been pretty epic in terms of exciting moves in the textile and fiber realms. I am a convert, I want a rug on my wall and weaves where paintings usually hang. Here are some examples of the tactile lovelies I am swooning over currently. 

Flair magazine

By the uber talented Brook&Lyn

The Brick house isn't shy around a giant piece of fiber. Love it.
Amazing rugs at Pretty Mommy store